Apple has launched four iPhone devices in 2018 and will be selling the iPhone X

The first will be the iPhone SE 2 This is a busy weekend for iPhone gossips: Asian media houses report on a few whispering words about Apple’s plans for 2018, this year you could see as many as four new iPhone’s, and now it seems likely that iPhone X will continue to be on sale.

The same report also says that the new 5.85 “and 6.46” iPhone are in operation and that the OLED screens come from more vendors. All this is based on “sources” from the supply chain that talk to the investor, so take it with a little salt for the time being.

Earlier reports indicate that Apple had planned to discontinue production of iPhone X after its successors appeared on the market, but according to a report by The Investor, this is not the case. It is said that the current top-tier mobile phone will remain as the smallest and probably the cheapest of the full-size iPhone.

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Select Your iPhone Model

This dual CD, LCD, and OLED-based approach would be in line with what Apple did last year with iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plusand iPhone X. On the drawing board there is also another model with a screen with a screen diagonal of 6.0 to 6.1 inches, but it is finally scrapped, says DigiTimes.

In the meantime, DigiTimes analysts weigh four more iPhones, three of which will see the light of day: a 5.7-5.8-inch LCD model, a 6.0-6.1-inch LCD model, and a 6.4-6.5-inch OLED model. Of course, not everyone can be right.

The report also states that the new iPhone SE 2 will make all in full-size iPhone, which will be launched in the spring. Apparently, it will be equipped with a glass for wireless charging, but it will not have the 3D recognition technology required for facial recognition.

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