(Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus) Best Smart Phone Till Date

We have prepared a guide to everything you need to know about the brand new flagship phone, Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 PlusThis include speculation, design, publication date, current prices and much more. If you want to buy (Galaxy S9), you can order it on February 25th in the UK at 7PM GMT – just after the release, The US residents have to wait until March 1 to open orders, and we have not yet met the rest of the world.

(Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus) Best Smart Phone Till Date

As for when you actually get your phone, the date Galaxy S9 is set to 16 March worldwide. During this time you can order the device, but anyone can buy it from 16 March 2018. But how much will it get you back, If you’re familiar with the Infinity Display Galaxy S8 display design? you’ll see much of what Galaxy S9 is trying to do There are no big differences, but Samsung decided to correct some minor changes.

Samsung Galaxy S9 still has a 3.5 mm diameter headphone jack at the bottom left

  • There is also a USB C port for charging and transferring data and one of the two speakers on your phone.
  • The second speaker is located at the top of the phone and Samsung says that these new speakers will allow the S9 to be 1.5 times louder than the S8 Galaxy.
  • and if the sound is of great interest to you, you will be glad to hear that your phone is equipped with Dolby ATMOS to surround sound technology.
  • F/1.5 is the widest aperture on your phone, and Samsung says it should allow capturing images with more color and detail and much less noise in low light conditions.
  • Like Galaxy S8, Galaxy S9 also has a 3,000 mAh cell that supplies energy every day.
It is not yet clear how long it will take, but the new processing technology in both versions is expected to make it more efficient than the Galaxy S8.Wireless charging technology is also available, allowing you to charge your phone with different electrodes without having to connect it to the network. You will also be offered fast charging, but you need to use an official charger to get the full power of your phone in a short time.

Samsung is also making important improvements to its Bixby Vision project. When you use your hearing aid, you can tap the Bixby button to access a variety of new features, including tracking the location where you are located (shows the name and details of the place you are currently in) or to show you the food at which point it will try to determine what it is, and even estimate the calories.

MWC (Mobile World Congress) is the world’s largest exhibition for the mobile industry, stuffed full of the newest phones, tablets, wearables and more. is reporting live from Barcelona all week to bring you the very latest from the show floor.

Head to our dedicated MWC 2018 hub to see all the new releases

(Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus)
  • Along with world-class analysis and buying advice on your next phone.
  • In short, it is Samsung Galaxy S9 (with a 5.8-inch screen) and its larger step up.
  • Galaxy S9 Plus (USD 839.99 in Best Buy).
  • Which has an even larger 6.2-inch screen? I am a good man. At first glance, it seems that Samsung Has gradually refreshed itself over the past year.
  • Galaxy S8 (597.32 USD at Amazon. com) and S8 Plus.
However, the 2018 models include a large camera extension, consisting of two lenses for the S9 Plus and a dual-photo iris variable for both phones, designed to take much better pictures in low light conditions. (I try to quickly check the hell from the cameras in my full overview).

I also accept the S9 headphone jack, which practically disappears with other high-end phones. Additionally, thanks to a second speaker microphone, stereo surround sound amplifier. Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipsets  internally, Qualcomm Snapdragon promises at least 25% faster processing speed than in 2017 for Android phones and longer battery life.

Note as usual that you may have a Samsung Exynos 9810 processor, depending on your region.

I loved a jocular coral-blue and violet card on a phone that pulled out Galaxy’s line from the monochrome stucco. And both phones retain the proven and truly advanced features of your phone, such as waterproof (IP68 degrees), wireless charging and microSD data storage. Yes, yes: Everything you expect is here, so I left Galaxy S9 and felt comfortable on these two phones.

That is, I felt Samsung fell flat when it came to the confrontation with the two main features of his archive,   iPhone X ($1.099.99 in Best Buy). The “Smart Unlocking” function of Galaxy S9 is not measured with Apple’s facial identifier, and Samsung’s AR Emoji function is free from the charm and dynamics of iPhone animojis – it turned out to be amazing and unfinished. More on this topic below.

This competition with iPhone is important because Samsung’s headphones compete directly with iPhone X,   8   and   8 Plus. In a landscape where premium premium premium premium mobile phones are more similar than others, Samsung has had difficulty capturing the same culture lover as iPhone or adding headlines while capturing innovations such as Apple’s facial ID and gesture navigation.

This nice ridge reader on the screen would only be a ticket, but here it is MIA. Galaxies S9 and S9 Plus are sold in lilac-violet, coral-blue, black north, and titanium grey, but not every country get every color. For example, telephones in the United States do not sell themselves in greyness, at least not at the start, and I am a good man.The second lens, a telephoto lens, is designed to create deep portraits that blur the background and make people and objects look brighter.

  • This is Samsung’s second phone, after the August commentary by Galaxy 8 ($900.00 on Amazon. com).
  • Galaxy S9 has many links to the core and constructional characteristics of the S8, often with minor corrections.
  • This is not bad in itself, especially if the S8 was so good.
  • For example, battery capacity remains constant compared to previous models, but the new Snapdragon 845 chipset promises to extend battery life by increasing overall performance.
  • While megapixel cameras have a fixed number of 12 for the back of the camera and 8 megapixels for the front of the camera.
  • additional features and related enhancements improve the image quality.
This section contains repetitions: the hole is mechanical and can be detected by physical movement from one position to another, which is a change visible to the naked eye. This function, which was previously visible only in DSLR mirrors, is automatically activated, but you can also manually select the aperture in the camera settings.

We are all curious how it works compared to iPhone X and Google Pixel 2, our current master of light. Two cameras help you achieve the desired depth of focus with vertical photography, but you can also achieve fuzzy backgrounds with a single lens and software such as Pixel 2, which can be found in the camera settings.Low-speed video images are displayed at 720 frames per second in HD quality, but S9 shoots at 960 frames per second, making the image really stretched.

This will take 0.2 seconds for 6 seconds. After posting a video (MP4) into a brick, the S9 also creates an animated GIF that can be used in any message application. It can be used, reversed, and the slow GIF movement can be set as a background image. Samsung adds a calorific calculator in Bixby Vision (yes, you go through moves to take a snapshot of your meal and estimate the number of calories) as well as makeup applications that use new makeup colors and look at your face. The first partners are Sephora and Cover Girl.

With additional mask work, photos need to be up to 30% quieter, making them look clearer when zooming in and out. The camera has its own DRAM, which works four times faster to select the best photos from multiple shots. You can also use DRAMs to play slow-motion movies. You can also record a video message about yourself, both as an avatar and an inhuman avatar, so you can be a rabbit or a Disney figure.

Drag your finger across the camera interface to launch an application, but Samsung also plans to open it for third-party applications. Six editors have been working on it so far, and the experience gained has been widely supported.

AR Emojis must be more diverse in order to feelthem” and must follow your smile. Avatars didn’t match our skin and hair tones and couldn’t smile naturally.Samsung’s response to face recognition does not duplicate tens of thousands of infrared rays, just like iPhone X. It combines the two previous Galaxy S8 release tools: scanning a secure membrane and unlocking a face that is not safe.

In the beginning, Samsung told us that S9 was trying to unlock the phone with his eyes.

  • If you can’t do so because of wearing sunglasses or too dark scenes, the smart scanner will immediately return to your face, which is quick and comfortable. The company now says:”Intelligent scanning automatically sets the optimal authentication mode (identification of the iris and iris and iris and iris, iris and iris and iris and iris, iris or iris or facial iris or both) depending on the environment.
  • It focuses mainly on business issues such as banks and hotels that can take advantage of the opportunity to present customers in cans on a smaller device and a larger screen. Think, for example, about the presentation of timeshare or several mortgage options. DeX Pad, the latest version of DeX Pad, was used last year once from the DeX docking station ($89.95 on Amazon. com) where a telephone house was set up. Plug it into the USB C port, but the new configuration displays the headset connection of your phone so that it is available during playback.
With the new DeX Pad design, you can use the screen as a touchpad and digital keyboard instead of a mouse and a physical keyboard. You can set the resolution and sensitivity. TheX Pad is also compatible with Galaxy S8, Plus and Note 8, and my practical working time with Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus was long enough for me to feel a new feature, but not long enough to thoroughly test every device.

I do not have a final statement on the S9, but I have some general suggestions.Speed, design, and cameras become apparent when the phone is upgraded in 2016 or earlier – especially when you die from portrait photography.

In this case, a larger S9 Plus is the best choice. If you can live without a portrait image, the S9 is a smaller device that saves you money compared to the Plus model.Be respectful, clean and healthy. We remove comments that violate our rules and encourage you to read them.

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