Windows 10: Latest Update Problem How To Fix (2018)

  • A separate problem caused by the latest update Problem on Windows 10 Tuesday may also cause your computer not to install the update “because of Error 0x80070643“. In this case, Microsoft claims that the update has been installed and that it is an error message.
  • To check whether an update has been installed, Microsoft suggests pressing the Check for Update button on the Settings &gt tab; Update and upgrade; Security Settings > Update Windows to confirm that no updates are available anymore.
  • Those affected can also enter “On the PC” in the search box on the taskbar to confirm that the device is using the Build 16299.15 operating system.
windows update problems today

1.Windows 10 Update Stuck

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Unfortunately, the fact is that some things are no longer so after the release of a large operating system. A large number of Windows computers with different configurations can cause problems and problems.

To do this, click the Start menu and then on the left side of the pop-up icon that opens the Settings window. Click Update & Security; then click Troubleshooting.

Click Windows Update, then click Start Troubleshooting Tool and follow the instructions. Then click Apply this patch when the troubleshooting device finds a solution.

If you have installed antivirus software, try turning it off during installation, which can solve the problem. It can then be switched on after installation and used as usual.

2.In the “Drive selection” window that appears

windows update not working windows 10

Select the one where Windows is installed. 10 Click OK and select the file (s) you want to delete. You have to be sure that you will remove them, but don’t forget that you can’t restore them when they disappear.

You will be informed how much space you save. Click OK, then click Delete Files to delete the files, To create more space, click”Delete system files“.

To add installation files, you need an empty DVD or USB flash drive with at least 5 GB of free space. If you do not have a backup drive, please refer to our list of the best USB flash drives 2018.

Download this tool, install and open it and accept the license conditions. What are you going to do? Select “Create installation media for another PC” and click “Next”.

Select the language, change 32-bit or 64-bit version, and then select “USB flash drive” or “ISO file”depending on whether you are installing it from a USB drive or DVD (ISO file selection).

3.Once you have formatted and created the installation floppy

windows 10 update troubleshooter

You can restart your computer, restart it from the drive and install the software update for Windows 10 Fall Creators Update from the beginning. In the Windows 10 Installation Guide, you will learn how to do this.

If the Media utility is blocked when trying to download files from Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, try to close the program and restart the Media Creation tool and instructions.

If the application has downloaded files, disconnect your PC from the network quickly (remove the Ethernet cable or turn off the Wi-Fi card).

4.Remove damaged files first

windows update service not running windows 7 64 bit

To do this, open the hard disk cleaning tool (enter the text “Cleaning hard disks” in the system tray in the search box and click “Cleaning hard disks”). In the “Drive selection” window that appears, select the one on which Windows 10 is installed.

If this is a problem with the hardware controller, you will see an error code 0xC1900101, which can be updated by visiting the manufacturer’s website or going to the device manager.

To use the Device Manager, right-click the Start menu icon and select Device Manager.

A window will appear asking you why you want to return to the previous version. Answer your question (this will help Microsoft improve future versions of Windows) and then click”No, so you can do it” in the next window. This will ask if you want to check for updates.

In the next window, click Next again to make sure Windows authentication data is used. Finally, click”Back to previous compilation” and delete the update wizard in autumn.

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