Rumors: Intel develops the arctic sound of a game graphics card.

There have recently been rumors that Intel is developing a graphics card for the gaming market.

intel develops gaming graphics cards

  • The project was to be called “Arctic noise”.

Intel has been working on its own graphics card for some time. It is no coincidence that former Chief Radeon, Raja Koduri, moved from AMD to Intel.

The future GPU should be equipped with an optimized video streaming graphics processor, which is more likely to be used in large data centers.

  • Intel focuses on the gambling market 

Now, however, it has become clear that the former head of Radeon, Raja Koduri, must also take care of the product for the gambling market. The GPU project was divided into two projects under the cryptonym “Arctic Sound”.

The new project is now also aimed at the gaming market.The ball was led by Ashraf Eassa of The Motley Fool on Twitter. It also claims that Intel wants to enter the market to shake up the introduction of the GPU. A tweet is a synonym for dGPU, which suggests a special graphics card.

A graphics card should consist not only of an integrated circuit but also of several matrices connected in parallels, such as an Intel processor and a Vega graphics core. This allows Intel to use chips to support its own cards and embedded graphics solutions.

  • Termination of the lease agreement in 2020 at the earliest.

However, according to this information, the launch of the Intel graphics card will not take place until 2020. And if Intel is able to implement its project roadmap, it is also unclear.

Later, Intel has always lagged behind the Radeon Group, both in terms of GPUs and dedicated GPUs. It has recently been announced that Intel will install Vega GPUs on several processors, the first of which is competitive: Intel Core i7-8809G.

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Bonus: Apparently @Rajaontheedge is redefining Arctic Sound (first Intel dGPU), was originally targeted for video streaming apps in data center, but now being split into two: the video streaming stuff and gaming. Apparently wants to “enter the market with a bang.”

— Ashraf Eassa (@TMFChipFool) April 6, 2018

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