Windows 10: Big Bugfix for Case Creators update

Windows 10: Big Bugfix for Case Creators update

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, a new, cumulative package that solves many of the issues. Inspection.

Windows 10 Redstone 4 is located in the boot blocks and will appear in the next few days under the name of Windows 10 April Update (Windows 10 Version 1803).

Previously, Microsoft had provided a new cumulative update to the current version.

1.Windows 10 Case Creators Update (Windows 10 version 1709).

  • KB409393105 is an update for troubleshooting. During installation, the Windows 10 version number increases from 16299 371 (from 10.04.2018) to 16299 402, with a large number of bug fixes, as can be seen in the release notes.
  • Fixed bugs that caused crashes in Skype and Xbox, among others. Another error caused UWP applications to reappear after they were removed after the update.

2.Additional error corrections

Another bug fix in Microsoft Outlook 2013 prevented you from automatically detecting and configuring your email account when you enable EUV.

A further fix will correct the validation error of the 0x800B0109 certificate.

Installation of large games can be problematic, as Microsoft does. This error has been corrected.

In addition, no false information should be given at the outset. And even pen control errors are eliminated.

According to Microsoft, there is also a known problem with the KB4093105 update when you install the update using Windows Update, you can get an error message “0x80070643”, which actually means that the installation failed.

However, the update has been successfully installed and programmers are working to solve this problem.

3.Installation via Windows Update or Microsoft Update Catalogue.

  • If the installation is successful, you can check it after restarting by entering the Winter command next to the start button in the search field.
  • A window opens showing the current version of Windows 10 and its construction number.
  • KB4093105 can also be downloaded manually from the Microsoft Manual Installation Directory.
  • The size of the downloadable x64 file is approximately 760 megabytes. Size is related to the fact that the update contains all previous updates in cumulative form.
  • Installation with Windows Update is much faster, as you only need to download and install newly added updates.
  • For previous versions of Windows 10, Microsoft released new batch updates last week. Windows 10 specific version 1607 (Jubilee Update), Windows 10 specific version 1703 (Creative Update).
  • For details on these updates, please see this message.

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