Bose Soundsport free wireless headphones review

Bose Soundsport free wireless headphones review

Here a complete review of Bose sound sport free wireless headphones, First of all, thanks to Bose for making the headphones as simple as possible they work perfectly. And it’s great that they work because the music sounds great in the buds of bose SoundSport Free.

The depth and clarity of the sound in your Bluetooth wireless headset are very deep and clear. Listening to the Punch Brothers, for example, I can hear Chris Thile shake his fingers slipping through the strings of mandolin and breathe in between the letters.

The headphones reflect the subtle dynamics of the group’s vertical bass in a way that is usually only audible when you’re in a room with one of them, even if it doesn’t make you feel in your chest.

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Bose Soundsport free built and design

They are extremely comfortable to wear. It boils down to used headphones. Like the previous generation of SoundSport, Bose adapts to your free system with tips for StayHear+ Sports. These are silicone headphones and sports enthusiasts, which are combined into one piece of soft, flexible silicone that fits the headphones.

Free has conical miniature tips that grind to form a connection to the ear canal without the need for deep insertion. They are comfortable and do not interfere with them. For the Bose design team, this is proof that the headset can be connected very securely to the ear without the need for tensioning or ear hooks.

But because the regulation is not too tight, it was a little worrying at first, because we felt it was easy to spoil it. However, we quickly overcome this concern.

We tried the SoundSport Free out in several training sessions, including some difficult descents that left us and some bumpy tracks through the forest and these ears were still safe. In addition, if the standard StayHear+ Sports tips are not suitable for you, a helmet is supplied with two other sizes to try out.

Thanks to the materials used, they are so flexible and that they are not a nuisance. The plastic on the outside is shiny, with a striking pattern – black and blue on our revision pair, with a light yellow interior. You know to make sure they are for the athletes. There is a wiped finish around the edge, which makes sense, just as there are physical buttons here.

On the right-hand side, the volume buttons move up and down separated by the play/pause buttons. Although they are easy to find, they are not so easy to press thanks to this design. There’s not much tactile feedback or button movement, so you’re never 100% sure a button is successful. This shall not be the case, at least for one second, within a political group between pressure and appropriate action. The same applies to the left ear with the Bluetooth pairing button.

If you’re worried about sweat or rain damage, Bose has a protective membrane built into SoundSport Free. With waterproof IPX4 certification, these in-the-ear hearing aids can withstand the hottest training, sweating, and rain showers outdoors.

For a load, although slightly higher, it is usually well thought out in terms of design. Inside the helmet, there are two perfectly shaped holes for mounting in the helmet, with charging points consisting of four small connectors surrounded by two magnets.

Even if these connectors are held upside down and shaken, they securely connect to the headset to fit it correctly. Similarly, when closed, the long push button is pressed firmly to release the lock outwards, which can also provide a pleasant illumination of the battery indicators outwards.

Bose people can have extremely large ears or stairs that make their customers happy. Whatever it is, it sounds arrogant. But, he, one advantage the next time I discover something, I can go to SoundSport Free and know that it will attract the attention of passers-by – far from my acne face.

With StayHear+ headphones, SoundSport Free offers one of the safest installation options beyond a glossy design. The wing tips are exciting, flexible and comfortable.

Ambient sound can easily penetrate the pond, but it’s rather a “professional” with headphones during the training session, making them safer than something like the RHA MA750 Wireless. In this way, users can move with them and feel traffic and other pedestrians.

Although made of plastic, the SoundSport Free is extremely durable. IPX4 certification and high-quality materials make them resistant to most drives, except for water drives. The supplied transport case is also sturdy. In addition, it offers two extra, fully charged headphones, but not only.

The SoundSport Free Bose is a little awkward when it comes to real wireless headphones. Although not as compact as Philips Bass+’s true wireless bass, which makes them look like antennas coming out of the ear canals, they are worse than other sports models.

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Sound Quality

If you’ve already heard Bose headphones, you know what kind of sound you’re looking for. You also know that there is no way to change what you get. This means that it is very easy to listen to all kinds of music.

Most types of music sound good through these sports headphones. Whether you’re listening to the acoustic pops of Gavin James, Catfish or Bottlemen’s rock songs, the classic famous B.I.G., Haim or Paramore, you’ll love them. So much so that you’ll be so happy that you can wear it even when you’re not going.

Bose has implemented a so-called “volume-optimized equalizer” to ensure good sound quality both at low volume and in the background, minimizing distortion.

Bass and midrange are beautiful and full, without dominance, so you can still hear high and vocal tones clearly, while the rest is in the background. It is warm and pleasant, not too cloudy, and the details are clear and audible without roughness or sterility.

It’s a good mix, although bassists may want a bit more bass pressure. Listening to hip-hop bass songs or grunge metal grunge is sometimes more intriguing. Moreover, if we were really critical, perhaps there would be a little more clarity.


To be honest, this has fallen since his debut last year, but I couldn’t help repeating this self-design mantra when I tried Bose SoundSport Free $199 last week, and it’s the first truly wireless headset from Bose to do so with a surprisingly good performance in basic applications. In India Rs.1350.

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Sound quality and app

You can install an optional Bose Connect connection for Android or iOS, but its use is more limited than that of other Bose-compatible headsets. You can set the handset name and auto sleep time in the application.

The most useful option is “Find my helmet“, which will help you find a helmet if you lose it. As with a Bluetooth Tracker, the app shows you where your Bluetooth discs were last so you can hear the sound back within range on any headset you find Clean.

Otherwise, the application will no longer display the equalizer settings. It’s not the end of the world, because SoundSport Free’s sound is fantastic. It’s a very “barefoot” sound, with lots of detail in mid and high frequencies – and, as some have said, a bit average bass reproduction.

These are probably not the most exciting training headphones, but this does not mean that it is not a pleasant listening experience. I’m not a supporter of the shocking bass line during the exercise, so I noticed that the controlled sound of SoundSport Free is very similar.

The Bose-optimized volume control is an extravagant way to say that headphones adjust the sound to the volume for the quiet sound.

However, the problem is that StayHear+ nuts are not particularly insulting. The SoundSport Free is almost like an open headset, so when you’re in a noisy environment, you’ll hear everything around you. It can be great if you need to be aware of the situation when you are walking down the street, but not so great if you want to drown Eurobeat in the gym.

Battery Life and Charging Case

  • Bose promises to play up to five hours of music from a pair of fully charged SoundSport Free headphones, virtually the same performance as we’ve achieved in our tests. In fact, the estimates are at least conservative.
  • In addition, between an hour and two hours of music playback, the battery charge has fallen from 100 percent to 80 percent. After two and a half hours, the battery has reached 60%. It should be noted that this level has been rounded to the nearest 10%, making it difficult to obtain accurate feedback.
  • When it comes to wireless headsets, Bose is one of the best results we have ever used. More comfortable than the Sony WI-1000X, they are even at the forefront of the Jabra Elite Sport 2017 series.
  • The charging bay is strong enough to provide two additional recharges, which theoretically means that you have up to 15 hours of full battery life when plugged into a power source.
  • Communication is also strong. During the test, the headset has lost connection to your phone or other devices more than once. What’s more, automatic and reliable connectivity is a great feature every time you take it out of the box.
  • Like headphones, the SoundSport Free features a fairly impressive load carrier. This is well done and protects the headset well when stored, but the chassis is far from being repaired.
  • My brain did not do enough to acclimatize to how to turn on the headphones to charge them. Turning the headphones back always meant thinking a fraction of a second when you put the headphones aside, which is a bit different from the other truly wireless headphones I tried.
  • The SoundSport Free battery lasts about five hours, which happened immediately after my test if you are listening at a moderate volume.
  • A case with a charger gives you an extra 10 hours. For those who are forgotten, the good news is that a quick 15-minute recharge can give you 45 minutes to listen to. Ideal for loading the helmet when changing e.g. between training courses.
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Why You want to buy Bose Soundsport free

When it comes to first attempts at a truly wireless handset, this is one of the best, though it’s because many others are the most serious failures.

The bose SoundSport Free has a robust Bluetooth connection that is better than any other pair of truly wireless headphones, and the sound is better – but only when used in the correct configuration.

This is an equation that most people will have to solve when they try to find out whether to buy these headphones.

If you want to have a truly wireless headset and it sounds better, you will have to accept that not everyone is so versatile. If you sacrifice sound quality, you can find headphones that work in many situations for less money.

Did you expect more from Bose

Unfortunately, Bose’s first real effort in wireless connectivity is not a complete victory. The big model is a little confusing, and the controls are frustrating and difficult to use. This makes the Bose SoundSport Free more comfortable than the rucksack leader.

Like the previous impulse from Bose SoundSport, I think that the wing tips work very well so that the headphones won’t get loose even during the most intensive workout. You’ll get three tips of different sizes, including one so you won’t have a problem finding a pair that suits you.

The headphones have built-in media buttons and are extremely difficult to find and operate. They’re super-rigid, with no real clicks or reactions to let you know you’re printing the way you want.

It’s difficult to operate the buttons while sitting, not to mention trying to adjust the volume or change tracks during a race or workout. I thought they were so poor that I pretended they didn’t exist after a week of fighting and I hoped they would collapse.

However, I would like Bose to do more to justify its size. A heart rate monitor like the one you see on the Bose SoundSport Pulse and Jabra Elite Sport, which is truly wireless, would never be lost. It is also a pity that these buttons are frustrating.

After all, there is still much to be done, especially in terms of price. For the same price, I would choose the new Jabra Elite Sport, which offers much more than many of the positive features of Bose SoundSport Free.

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