6 Amazing Facts Tank bund (Buddha Statue) History Hyderabad

6 Amazing Facts Tank bund (Buddha Statue) History Hyderabad

The facts of Gautam Buddha’s statue is 18 meters long and weighs 350 tonnes. The history to built of one rock, which makes it the highest monolithic statue of Buddha in the world. The main architect was S.M Ganapathi.The monument was built by Sri Late N.T. Ram Rao from 1983 to 1989 as the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, also read effective part-time jobs in Hyderabad.

tank bund buddha statue history

1. The idea for this monument came from his visit to New York

He was surprised by the beauty of the Statue of Liberty and admired the American efforts to rebuild it.
Coming back to the journey, He said in his own words that he feels inspired to build a symbol like that, at first glance, also read top list companies to work in Hitech city Madhapur.
Represents the well-being of our culture and the awarding of our heritage, which is its modest contribution to society.

2. Gautam Buddha was chosen as the Motif symbol

He was a humanitarian man who told people all the truth and who, as always, would be the pride of Indian culture in proclaiming peace.
The assembly of the statuette began with the fact that N.T. Rao Rama was the head of government of Andhra Pradesh.
After his visit, inspired by the statuette of freedom, he wanted to create an image of a great personality.
buddha statue in hyderabad
He was inspired to build something that could represent the prosperity of our culture and the distinctive character of our heritage at first glance.

3. No wonder he decided to install a statue of Buddha Gautama

The paint was ready in 1989. The local company ABC Limited was charged with the responsibility of transferring the image to the concrete platform.
The image was transported to the edge of the discharge strip by means of a semi-trailer.
On March 10, 1990, the workers moved the monument to an inland waterway vessel. After just 100 meters the painting fell down and fell into the lake. Ten people died in the accident.

4. After two years of rescue

The monument was removed from the lake and successfully placed on the platform in 1992.
Although they were never acknowledged by political leaders, they did not dare to sacrifice their image for sentimental reasons.
The former Chief Minister, N.T. Rama Rao, lost power while the sculptors worked on the sculpture.
The tragedy of the murder of 10 people took place when Mr. Channa Reddy was in power.

hussain sagar lake history
The former Chief Minister, N. Chandrababu Naidu, was responsible for the installation of the sculpture. In 2006 the Dalai Lama consecrated the monument after the ritual.

5. The Buddha monument is the highest monolithic stone statue in the world

Located in the Hyderabad in Telangana, southern India. This monument is loc in the Lumbini Park on the water reservoir of the island and is accessible by boat.
It is located on a 15-meter high concrete platform that was built in the middle of a set of tanks to help build the monument.
This platform is known as the Rock of Gibraltar and was built in the middle of a fuel tank with great effort to help build an image, To this end.
 hussain sagar buddha statue accident

6. The city’s streets have also been extended

After extensive research, work began on the white granite rock discovered near Nalgonda on the slope of a mountain 40 miles from Hyderabad.
In October 1985, NTR began work on this structure. It has been designed for more than a year.
Hundreds of employees helped the architect of the temple, Mr. S.M. Ganapathi, erect a monument. After five years and 3 million dollars.
The monument was designed to be placed in the middle of the lake, but technical obstacles made its construction difficult and were closer to the NTR Memorial Garden.