Hyderabad (Chowmahalla Palace) History That Will Blow Your Mind

Hyderabad (Chowmahalla Palace) History That Will Blow Your Mind

History: Chowmahalla Palace was the official residence of Nizam in Hyderabad when they were in power. The Nizam have always been considered patrons of art, architecture, and science, as evidenced by the Chowmahalla Palace.

1. The construction of the palace began in 1750

Often under the responsibility of the Nizam Salabhat Jung, although it was the Nizam Afzal-ud-Dowla Bahadur who supervised its completion between 1857 and 1869.
Chowmahalla Palace
Originally, the palace covered an area of almost 45 acres, today it is only 12 acres. It is said that the complex was inspired by the sauce of Iranian palace in Tehran. Due to its elegance and style, the palace is considered a unique building, Also read Wedding Cost of Chowmahalla Palace.
The oldest part of the complex is the southern courtyard, which consists of four palaces: Afzal Mahal, Mahal Mahtab, Tahniyat Mahal and Aftab Mahal. The Aftab Mahal, a two-story palace, is the most beautiful and has a European façade with Corinthian columns.
The courtyard in the north consists of Imambara, a long corridor with rooms on the east side, where the administrative wing of the Nizams is located. Opposite Imam Bara, there is a building called Shishe-Alat, a mirror image where dignitaries used to live.

2. The heart of Chowmahalla is the Khilwat Mubarak

Chowmahalla palace Hyderabad

The large Durbar Hall. It has a marble platform on which the royal seat of the Asaf-Jahi dynasty rests. Here, Nizam celebrated his durbar and other religious ceremonies, Also read budda statue Hyderabad history.
The clock above the palace’s entrance door, the Khilwat clock, is a handmade mechanical device that has been in operation for 250 years.
The town hall of the palace has an extensive collection of manuscripts and rare books, and Nizam used them to meet key officials. Roshan Bangla, named after the sixth mother of Nizama, is also a beautiful part of this farm.

3. The architecture of the Chowmahalla Palace

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The Chowmahalla Palace consists of two courtyards, divided into a northern and a southern courtyard. The southern courtyard of the palace has four palaces: Afzal Mahal, Tahniyat Mahal, Mahtab Mahal, and Aftab Mahal.
Aftab Mahal is a two-story building and the largest of the four buildings. In the public courtyard in the north, there is the Bara Imam, a long corridor with many rooms on the eastern side, which used to be the administrative wing, Also read earn money part in Hyderabad.
Another attraction of the farm is the Shishe-Alat. Guests and personalities from public life were welcome here. Chowmahalla Palace has a belfry, a Council meeting room and a house in Roshan Bungalow is named after Roshan Begum, sixth mother of Nizam.
The Khilwat clock, known for its weaving since the construction of the palace, is visible in the bell tower. In the council room, several manuscripts and rare books were kept, which were personal collections of Nizam.
The heart of the palace is Khilwat Mubarak. This large room in Durbar is undoubtedly the best part of the building. Mogul’s domes, impressive arches, and complicated Persian work are a masterpiece.
A marble platform is located in the room in Durbar. The royal seat of Takht-e-Nishan was located on this platform. It is said that Chowmahalla Palace had about 7000 assistants on that day. Due to its size and charm, it was often compared to the charming gardens of the Arabian Night.

4. Activity at Chowmahalla Palace

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Discover the entire palace complex with its many benches with shady trees to relax. In the palace complex, there is also a canteen with simple snacks and drinks.
Then you can admire the architectural perfection of the Chowmahalla Palace and explore the various galleries without exhausting it. Photography and photographic walks extensive sculptures, impressive structure, and well-arranged gardens make the palace a paradise for photographers.
Shopping: The souvenir shop is ideal for merchants. It presents a wide range of collections, including carved decorative objects, colorful elements with traditional designs and jewelry from bracelets, pearl necklaces to earrings and many others.
The price of these items is a bit high, but the collection and its exclusivity will tempt you to buy more than one. For example, while a brass plate or camel costs Rs.1000 and more. the metal elephant costs Rs.500.

5. Fees and time-limits for access to the Chowmahalla Palace

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The dates of the Chowmahalla Palace range from 10.00 to 5.00. It is open every day except for Fridays. It is also closed on public holidays.
Chowmahalla access to the palace is only Rs.80 per person for Indian tourists, while it is Rs. 200 for foreign tourists. So you can plan your visit to this majestic palace without spending a lot of money.
Photographs and videos are allowed in the building for an additional fee of Rs.50 and 200 respectively. However, in the vicinity of the Koran, you are not allowed to take pictures or film.

6. Library of Cultural Heritage Chateau complex Chowmahalla

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The latest extension of Chowmahalla Palace was the National Heritage Library with more than 10,000 books, including a personal collection of Nizams including VII Nizam Mir Osman Ali Khan and VI Nizam Mir Mahbub Ali Khan.
The manuscripts are available in different languages such as Urdu, English, Persian, and Arabic. Centennial books deal with medicine, geography, history, poetry, Islamic culture, law, and literature.

7. Facts relating to the Chowmahalla Palace

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In Persian, Chowmahalla Palace means four palaces char-mahal. The palace belongs to the Nizams of Hyderabad and was their official residence during the rule of the state.
It is said that Chowmahalla Palace is modeled on Iran’s Shah of Iran in Tehran.
During its 100 years of expansion, the company has incorporated Persian, Saracen, Radjast and European styles into its architecture.
Originally the palace covered 45 hectares, today it only covers 14 hectares.
The two inner courtyards of the Chowmahalla Palace house elegant palaces
fountains, and gardens.
The clock over the main gate of the Chowmahalla Palace has been in operation for about 250 years. The locals wait for their clocks and correct their clocks with the accuracy of measuring the time of this clock.

8. Southern courtyard of the Chowmahalla Palace

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The south courtyard, built in the classicist style, is the oldest part of the palace and has four palaces  Tahniyat Mahal and, Mahtab Mahal, One Mahal reconstructed historical rooms with oversized Nizam’s furniture, the other Mahal with an exhibition on life in Zenana (a women’s district), elephant cars and interesting things such as the Remington Urdu typewriter.

9. Rolls 1912 Silver Spirit

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The Nizam’s Rolls Royce Silver Ghost was created to order in 1911 with many special features. The original body was painted into a canary yellow canary with a golden frame and then rebuilt in the style of the 1930s.
All body parts, lighting and roof cover with Fleur-de-de-lys motifs are made of silver. The car has rarely been used on ceremonial occasions and has only driven 356 miles in the last 100 years. It is an invaluable car and a very important part of the Indian car industry.
In 2011, he took part in a Cartier journey with Concours-d’Elegance Style in Delhi and won the “Best of Class” award in the Rolls Royce category and the “Best of Show the Concours d’Elegance” award.

10. Courtyard of Chowmahalla Palace in the north

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In the courtyard in the north, there is Khilwat Mubarak, a beautiful Durbar room with photos, weapons, and clothes. In this part of the building, there is the Imam Bar, a long corridor of rooms on the east side with a view of the central well and swimming pool, which once housed the administrative wing.
In front of Bara Imam, there is a Shishe-Alat building, which is her “shisha” monument or mirror. The rooms used to be guest rooms for officials accompanying the dignitaries.
It has domes and arches and many Persian elements, such as the extensive stucco decoration of Khilwat Mubarak. Such features were characteristic of the buildings built at that time in Hyderabad.

11. Khilwat Mubarak

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Khilwat Mubarak is the heart of Chowmahalla Palace. It is highly valued by the inhabitants of Hyderabad, where the Asaf-Jahi dynasty lived. The large and columned Durbar Hall has a clean marble platform, on which Takht-e-Nishan or the royal seat was located.
19 spectacular Belgian crystal chandeliers have been reinstalled to restore the lost radiance of this royal hall, It was here that the Nizams held their Durbar celebrations, as well as other religious and symbolic ceremonies. Recently.

12. Clock tower

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It has been ticking for about 250 years. The clock over the main entrance to the Chowmahalla Palace is beautifully called the khilwat tower clock. An experienced watchmaker family blows a mechanical watch every week. The locals wait for his clocks and adjust their clocks to the exact time of the clock.

13. Roshan Mahal

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It is believed that the sixth Nizam lived here and the building was named after Roshan Begum’s mother.
The stucco, Durbar Hall dome, courtyards and gardens of Chowmahalla Palace were carefully restored by Princess Esra, the eighth wife of Nizam’s, and opened to the public in January 2005. It took more than five years to document and reconstruct the palaces in the first courtyard.

14. Chowmahalla Palace is an ideal place to spend your holiday.

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Walking through the foyer next to Durbar, you can feel the famous history of the Cajole Najams in the world of nostalgia – beautiful furniture, ceramics, royal dresses and court dresses, paintings, correspondence and armored decorations in rooms with beautiful vaults of windows and walls decorated with framed paintings and paintings that decorate the sophisticated palate of the art connoisseurs’ palates.
But most of all, the guardian will remind you of the riches behind Durbar – the four palaces that give Chowmahalla its name, the Mahal Mahtab, the Mahal Tahniyat, and the Mahal Aftab.
But for the great lady’s determination, supported by a few talented and honest men, the palace for us would be almost lost.

15. The wealth of Nizam, once the richest man in the world

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Chowmahalla Palace has been lost; it was abandoned in Mauritania, quoting William Dalrymple in his essay on one of the largest restaurants in the world today.
Passing the lush meadows, the noise that accumulated at the evening reception, I could not resist, but I was surprised by the generosity of the leadership of Princess Esra, today’s first wife to return after a break to bring home the figurative order, the heir of Mukarram Jah, who gave her the necessary authority to do what she needed.
In six years, the situation has changed considerably: hundreds of controversies and debts were resolved before the palace became a museum.
The princess’s extraordinary hand ensured that the legacy of Nizam was not lost in the turbulent circles of time. It is hard to guess how many other treasures there are in the rooms of the palace, but when we pass through the courtyard from one Mahal to another.
The courage and effectiveness needed to restore such a great place can only be admired by sending teams of carpenters, photographers, old upholsterers, historians, Persians and Urdus, conservatives and ceramists, as well as artistic advisors, who worked tirelessly to keep alive the dynastic heritage of the once unofficial home of the most important Muslim ruler of the world.