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15 Best Places To Visit In Hyderabad In (Evening 2018)

If You are Hyderabadi you will love to visit this place in Hyderabad evening night, I was born and Brought up in Hyderabad and I will recommend some of the following places based on my experience.


Top 10 Awesome Salient Features of (Charminar)

Charminar was built in 1591 by Muhammed Quli Qutb Shah, the fifth sultan of the Qutub Shahi dynasty. It was built to commemorate the extermination of the plague. It was built in the style of Muslim architecture and used for its construction lime mortar and granite.


Hyderabad (Chowmahalla Palace) History That Will Blow Your Mind

History: Chowmahalla Palace was the official residence of Nizam in Hyderabad when they were in power. The Nizam have always been considered patrons of art, architecture, and science, as evidenced by the Chowmahalla Palace.


Chowmahalla Palace (Wedding Cost) All You Need To Know

Here it is complete wedding cost of Chowmahalla Palace If you are looking for a place full of history and heritage. One that gave every guest a unique feeling and made the night different.


6 Amazing Facts Tank bund (Buddha Statue) History Hyderabad

The facts of Gautam Buddha's statue is 18 meters long and weighs 350 tonnes. The history to built of one rock, which makes it the highest monolithic statue of Buddha in the world. The main architect was S.M Ganapathi.


List of Top 21 Companies in Hitech city Madhapur | Hyderabad

There are Lots of Companies in Hyderabad but here is the list of top 21 companies in Hitech city and Madhapur, Hyderabad is known as the center of global IT giants such as Google, Facebook, DE Shaw, Microsoft, Amazon, etc. There are also many companies that offer highly competitive salaries in different professional profiles. Also, read Part-time Jobs in Hyderabad.